Vision Without Action is Only a Day Dream.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Vision Without Action is Only a Day Dream

When we are young we all have many plans and dreams about the future.
Have certain demands on ourselves to get the result during a set period of time ahead.
Great expectations for the future with great ideas and profits.
Never think to lose and only can gain because what we have in our wise mind is very special and unique.
The vision we have in those area is a new idea in the market that no one ever has.
We have shared this with all the trusted people around us, they also talk good about it and find it a great ideas and say that we are intelligent.
We think to have everything on track and thus can start to implement what we have prepared and stored in our brains.
But we do not dare to take the first step to bring our plans into actions.
Then our vision will just be a daydream and only give us a good feeling at that moment.
And we will be less motivated to have good actions in the fut


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Your Success is Our Victory and a Victory is Our Success.

Kindly Regards ,
                          Jan Jansen and Easy Branches Team
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